2020/11/28 // HOLIDAY SALE!

Hello! Long time no post! While I wasn't able to release anything new this year, I still was able to run my store and keep having orders so I'm so thankful to all of you that supported me (especially through this pandemic). I added a sale for 25% off your entire order for this next week, use code HOMEHOLIDAY to take advantage of it!! Additionally, some charms are on sale. This sale will be online until Dec 5th @ 11PM JST. Please enjoy, and try to stay as safe as possible!


Hello! This is coming as a surprise to me as well but thanks to the help of my very supportive family back in my home country, I will be able to manage sales remotely and keep running the store (even if its just temporarily)! So you will be seeing items up for sale from Monday March 2nd (JST). Because shipment will not be handled by myself personally items may take slightly longer to be mailed out, and I have updated the about section to reflect that. I am extremely grateful to my family for offering to run shipments and continuing to support me making art, its very exciting!

Along with that, I want to celebrate one of my favorite characters of all time having his very rare birthday and so I'll be putting all VLD items on sale until 3/9 10PM JST. Happy 7th birthday Shiro (LOL) Please celebrate with me!

2019/12/23 // MOVING & CLOSING SALE

Hello! As you may have seen on twitter, I am closing the (physical) store at the end of the week!! Because of the last minute plans with my move I decided to keep the store open until the last second, and also do one last con before too! I'm actually pretty sad about it because I've grown so much running this store, through all these different platforms, and all these crazy preorders. I never imagined how much it would grow this year!!! I've almost hit 500 orders this year alone, compared to my first preorder ever 4 years ago when i only sold 4! It feels amazing, and I really do thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. I'm going back to school to hopefully finish my formal education once and for all, but I'm doing so in a different country so I will not be able to move my store to my new home! Because of that, i'll be saying farewell (but not forever!! I swear!)

Thank you so much for everyone that has read this tiny post, and has kept up with my store all these years. I'll be working on more soon enough!



Hello! I'll be out of the country for two weeks from 11/15 through 11/30 so any orders during that time will be processed and shipped out the week I return! In the meantime I want to draft some new merch ideas, i'm considering some original art as well. I know I've been pretty dormant lately so I hope to get back into the groove before the year is over!



     Hello everyone! As you can see my store has been reopened after a brief break and I have revamped the shop since then! As my first post on this page I'd like to introduce this as a page I will be posting store updates! As you know if you follow me on twitter, I usually post updates on my store thread but this way I will have the same information, or more detailed information directly on the store site for you. Please keep a look out for more, and as always if you have questions or comments please reach out to me on twitter or via my contact page here. Thank you for reading!